Microsoft Internet Security and Acceleration Server 2000

FPCListenEntry.SSLServerCertificate Property

Gets or sets the SSL server certificate used to authenticate the ISA Server when a client connects to this FPCListenEntry on the SSL port.

VBScript Syntax[VBScript]

FPCListenEntry.SSLServerCertificate [ = oFPCSSLCertificate ]

C++ Syntax[C++]

HRESULT get_SSLServerCertificate (
  IFPCSSLCertificate *poFPCSSLCertificate 

HRESULT put_SSLServerCertificate (
  IFPCSSLCertificate oFPCSSLCertificate 


Reference to an FPCSSLCertificate object.

The property is read-write.

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