Microsoft Internet Security and Acceleration Server 2000

FPCScheduledContentDownloadConfig.StartDateMonth Property

Gets or sets the month to start the scheduled content download.

VBScript Syntax[VBScript]

FPCScheduledContentDownloadConfig.StartDateMonth [ = lStartDateMonth ]

C++ Syntax[C++]

HRESULT get_StartDateMonth(
  long *plStartDateMonth
HRESULT put_StartDateMonth(
  long lStartDateMonth


Long value that specifies the month.

The property is read-write.


The date to start the scheduled content download is in the form of, where dd equals the two-digit day, mm equals the two-digit month, and yyyy equals the four-digit year. The day is set by the StartDateDay property, the month is set by the StartDateMonth property, and the year is set by the StartDateYear property.

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