Microsoft Internet Security and Acceleration Server 2000

IFWXIOBuffer::SetDataSize Method

Sets the actual size of the memory buffer that was used.

HRESULT SetDataSize(
  DWORD dwDataSize


[in] The actual size, in bytes, of the buffer that was used.

Return Values

The data was successfully appended to the buffer object.
Requested size is larger than allocated size.


When a buffer is used in a call to the IFWXSocket::Recv method, the SetDataSize method may be called if the size of available data is less than the size allocated for the buffer.

SetDataSize can be called by a filter after buffer content is manipulated directly by means of IFWXIOBuffer::GetBufferAndSize.

SetDataSize can be called by the Firewall service, when a buffer is passed to IFWXSocket::Recv, to set the number of bytes actually received.