Kaspersky Security Center Automation  10.0
HRESULT IKlAkIpConversions::ConvertSubnet ( [in] BSTR  strSubnet,
[out, retval] IKlAkParams **  ppData 

Convert subnet address.

Converts subnet address into IKlAkParams container from <address>/<mask_bits> format, for example,

strSubnet subnet address
Return values:
ppData IKlAkParams container with attributes
  • "KLDPNS_IL_SUBNETORHI", Integer, subnet address in TCP/IP network byte order
  • "KLDPNS_IL_MASKORLOW", Integer, subnet mask in TCP/IP network byte order
  • "KLDPNS_IL_ISSUBNET", Boolean, true

See also How to see contents of the IKlAkParams container.