Kaspersky Security Center Automation  10.0
HRESULT IKlAkIpSubnets::UpdateDiapason ( [in] long  idDiapason,
[in] IKlAkParams pInfo 

Change one or more attributes of diapason.

Changes specified attributes of given diapason.Error occurs if at least one of intervals/subnet intersects with any of existing intervals/subnets .
See JScript sample below.

	var oIpSubnets = new ActiveXObject("klakaut.KlAkIpSubnets");
	oIpSubnets.AdmServer = ...
	var idDiapason = ...
	var oPars = new ActiveXObject("klakaut.KlAkParams");
	oPars.Add("KLDPNS_ScanEnabled", true); //enable network scan for subnet
	oIpSubnets.UpdateDiapason(idDiapason, oPars);
idDiapason id of diapason to modify
pInfo container with diapason attributes (see List of network diapason attributes)