Kaspersky Security Center Automation  10.0
HRESULT IKlAkProxy::GetProp ( [in] BSTR  strName,
[out, retval] VARIANT *  pVal 

Acquire specific properies of the connection.

Returns value specified by the name strName.

strName property name, possible values:
  • "IsAlive" - if the connection with AK server is valid, boolean
  • "KLADMSRV_VS_LICDISABLED" - if licensing is disabled for the current VS, boolean
  • "KLADMSRV_VSID" - virtual server id, Integer
  • "KLADMSRV_USERID" - id of the user account; NULL if OS user account is used, Integer
  • "KLADMSRV_SAAS_BLOCKED" - Saas mode is turned off due to expired/absent/blacklisted license, boolean
  • "KLADMSRV_SERVER_HOSTNAME" - host name (unique server-generated string) of the Administration Serever, one can put this name to the IKlAkHosts.GetHostInfo method to acquire any information about the cAdministration Server host

See JScript sample below.

	g_oLog.WriteLine("IsAlive is " + oAdmServer.GetProp("IsAlive"));
Return values:
pVal property value