Kaspersky Security Center Automation  10.0
HRESULT IKlAkReports::ExecuteReport ( [in] long  lReportId,
[in] IKlAkParams pOptions,
[in] BSTR  strFileName,
[in] BSTR  strChartFileName,
[out, retval] IKlAkParams **  pOtherData 

Execute report.

Executes specified report, creates resulting XML file with data and PNG file with chart.

lReportId report id
pOptions options, reserved for future use
strFileName name of output XML file
strChartFileName name of output PNG file with chart
Return values:
pOtherData reserved for future use

See also How to see contents of the IKlAkParams container.

See JScript call sample below.

	var oExecutionProps = new ActiveXObject("klakaut.KlAkParams");
	oReports.ExecuteReport(lReportId, oExecutionProps, "data.xml", "chart.png");