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Mapackager: Management agent packaging tool

Creates an XML file from an exported extensible management agent that can be used by Microsoft Identity Integration Server 2003 as a packaged management agent.


Mapackager /e: ma_file /c: customization_file_name /o: output_file


Specifies the file that contains the XML generated from running Export Management Agent in Identity Manager.
The file that contains the customization information. This is specified in XML and has the following schema:


For example:

     <ma-subtype>Enterprise Connectivity</ma-subtype>
     <ma-listname>Custom management agent</ma-listname>
     <ma-help-text>Custom management agent created by Fabrikam</ma-help-text>
Element Description
ma-internal-version Used to identify management agents that are created from this packaged management agent. This must be an integer value.
ma-companyname Name of the company to display in the management agent type, for example Fabrikam. Ma-companyname is combined with ma-subtype to create the value for ma-type. Limited to 255 characters.
ma-subtype Name of the management agent type, for example, NextGen MA. This should be a unique value. Ma-subtype is combined with ma-companyname to create the value for ma-type. Limited to 255 characters.
ma-listname Name of the management agent as you want it to appear in the list of available management agents in Identity Manager. This should be a unique value. For the above example, the displayed name could be NextGen MA - Fabrikam. Limited to 255 characters.
ma-help-text Text displayed in Identity Manager that describes what the management agent is used for. For example, "With this management agent, you can connect to the Fabrikam Human Resources database." Limited to 255 characters.
The name of the packaged XML output file.
Displays help at the command prompt.



To create a packaged XML file for the "ABC" management agent, type:

mapackager /e: exported_ABC_MA.xml /c: custom_data_ABC.xml /o: packaged_ABC_MA.xml

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