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Using Management Agent Packager

You can use the management agent packager to create a custom management agent by adding information to a management agent for extensible connectivity. In addition, certain attributes of the management agent are disabled so that the user cannot change them. The packaged management agent is then installed to a folder on the server running Microsoft Identity Integration Server 2003 where it will be displayed in the list of available management agents. For example, if the company Fabrikam created a management agent for their Human Resources department, the management agent type could be specified as Fabrikam HRMA, and could appear as (Fabrikam) Human Resources in the list of available management agents.

To create and distribute a packaged management agent:

For more information about the management agent for extensible connectivity, see Using the management agent for extensible connectivity. For more information about exporting management agents, see Export a management agent to file. For more information about Mapackager.exe, see Mapackager: Management agent packaging tool.

File and disk structure

Identity Manager displays all the management agent files that are in the InstallationDirectory\UIShell\Xmls\PackagedMAs folder when Microsoft Identity Integration Server 2003 starts. It displays a management agent as type Packaged with the ma-listname value of the subtype element if a value is present, and it displays a management agent as type Extensible if no value is present.

Support files for a packaged management agent should be copied, either manually or programmatically, to the appropriate folder:

File Location
Packaged management agent file InstallationDirectory\UIShell\Xmls\PackagedMAs
Template file InstallationDirectory\UIShell\Xmls\PackagedMAs
Extension DLL file InstallationDirectory\Extensions
Other library files InstallationDirectory\Extensions

User configured information

When creating a new management agent from a packaged management agent, the user configures information such as the target data source and credentials necessary to connect. However, several fields cannot be edited: