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Configure deprovisioning rules

For this procedure, in Management Agent Designer, on the Configure deprovisioning page, you can configure how disconnector objects are retained, or removed from the connector space. To complete this procedure, you must be logged on as a member of the MIISAdmins security group.

This procedure applies to management agents for the following Microsoft Identity Integration Server 2003 editions:

Enterprise Edition Identity Integration Feature Pack for Active Directory
All Active Directory, Active Directory Application Mode (ADAM), Active Directory Global Address List (GAL)

To configure deprovisioning

  1. In Management Agent Designer, on the Configure Deprovisioning page, in Disconnection clean up, do one of the following:
  2. To retain metaverse attributes that are provided by this management agent after the object has been disconnected, click Do not recall attributes contributed by objects from this management agent when disconnected.



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