Microsoft Identity Integration Server 2003 Developer Reference

Script Examples

The following topics show example scripts in Visual Basic Scripting Edition (VBScript) that use the WMI Provider to perform common tasks.

Topic Description
Example: Running a Management Agent with a Specified Run Profile Describes a script that runs a management agent with a specified run profile.
Example: Specifying Management Agents from a Command Line Describes a script that can parse named arguments from a command line.
Example: Running Several Management Agents from a Command File Describes a command file that sequentially runs two management agents.
Example: Displaying the Results of a Management Agent Profile Run Describes a script that displays the results of management agent run.
Example: Retrying a Management Agent Run When a Network Connection Drops Describes a script that retries a management agent run if the network goes down.
Example: Getting the Properties of All Management Agents Describes a script that displays the properties of all management agents.
Preventing Damage to the Metaverse and Connected Data Source Describes using several methods to check the result of an action before applying the action.
Example: Getting the Number of Metaverse Objects in the Server Describes a script to get the number of objects in the metaverse.