XML Reference


Microsoft Identity Integration Server 2003 provides the following information in well-formed XML:

  • Objects in the connector space
  • Objects in a connected data source
  • History of password events
  • History of management agent runs

You can use XSLT or the .NET Framework classes to display and access the information stored in XML.

Where Applicable

The XML reference is used with Microsoft Identity Integration Server 2003.

Developer Audience

The XML reference is designed for use by system administrators and programmers who use scripts and programming languages that support the common language runtime.

Run-Time Requirements

The files required to produce the XML in the XML reference are automatically installed and registered when you install Microsoft Identity Integration Server 2003.

Viewing and Extracting XML Data

Documentation about viewing and extracting information from XML files that Microsoft Identity Integration Server 2003 can supply.

Connector Space Export XML

Information about the objects of a management agent in the connector space.

Hologram XML

Information about an object in a connected data source.

Password Change History XML

Information about the history of password events.

Run History XML

Information about one or more runs of a management agent.