Schedule scans


If you want to, you can schedule scans to take place with the frequency you wish. Once you have created a scheduled scan you can configure it as you want or specify when it will take place. To do this:

  1. Click Scan.

  2. Click Schedule scan execution.

  3. Select the scan to configure.

  4. Click Scan settings.

  5. Click Schedule.

A window appears with the following options:


Through this drop-down list you can specify when the scheduled scan should be executed. Scheduled scans can be run once or every certain number of hours, days, weeks or even on specific days of the month. The options available in the Frequency drop-down list are: Once, Hourly, Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Annually. Depending on the scan frequency selected in the drop-down list, you will be prompted to enter certain data in the central section of the screen:


There is also other data that needs to be entered when configuring the schedule of a scan created by users. This data is:

Temporarily disable the job. If this checkbox is enabled, the scheduled scan will not be carried out until this checkbox is disabled.