An enterprise array is an array that is managed by an Enterprise Management Server (EMS). This topic describes how to create an enterprise array.

For instructions on installing an EMS, see Installing an Enterprise Management Server (EMS) for centralized management.

After you create an enterprise array, you can join array members to the array, and remove servers from it, as described in the following topics:

An enterprise administrator can also create arrays and populate them with servers by clicking the Join an array managed by an EMS server button when running the Join Array wizard from a standalone server.

To create an enterprise array

  1. On the EMS, in the Forefront TMG Management console, click Arrays. In the task pane, on the Tasks tab, click Create New Array.

  2. In the New Array Wizard, on the Welcome to the New Array Wizard page, enter the name of the array.

  3. On the Array DNS Name page, enter the Domain Name System (DNS) of the array.

    Forefront TMG Clients and Web clients must be able to resolve the DNS name.
  4. On the Assign Enterprise Policy page, in the Select the Enterprise policy to apply to this new array list, click the enterprise policy to apply to the array.

  5. On the Array Policy Rule Types page, select the types of rules that may be created for the array firewall policy.

    Only users with the Forefront TMG Enterprise Administrator role can configure which types of rules can be created for the array. The enterprise administrator can limit the types of rules that the array administrator can create, but only after the array has been created. The enterprise administrator cannot limit a type of rule if the array administrator has already created a rule of that type.

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