You can generate one-time reports and recurring report jobs, as described in the following procedure.

For a general overview of reporting, see Configuring Forefront TMG reports.

To create a report

  1. In the Forefront TMG Management console, in the tree, click the Logs & Reports node.

  2. In the details pane, click the Reporting tab.

  3. In the tasks pane, click either Create One-Time Report or Create Recurring Report Job. Follow the instructions in the wizard, as follows:

    1. On the Report Publishing page, select Publish reports to a directory if you want to be able to view this report without opening the Forefront TMG Management console. Note that if you have chosen e-mail notification, report publishing is required.

    2. If the published reports directory is on a different computer, click Set Account, and enter credentials that will be used by the reporting engine for publishing. These credentials should have write permissions in the specified folder.


  • When specifying a published reports directory, the directory must exist in the file system. The report generator will not create the folder.

  • When publishing reports, you must grant at least Read access permissions to users who must view the report in this shared folder. If you do not publish the report, you can only view the report on the computer that is running Forefront TMG Management.

  • When you publish a report, the Forefront TMG computer requires write permissions to the folder where you publish the report. By default, the Local System account is used to publish the report. However, if you publish the report to a folder that resides on a different computer, the Local System account credentials are passed as the account of the Forefront TMG-based computer. For this reason, the account of the Forefront TMG-based computer must have sufficient permissions to write to the destination folder. If you specify a user account to publish the report, you must make sure that this user account is granted write permissions to the destination folder.

  • If Forefront TMG is installed in workgroup mode, Forefront TMG uses the Unauthenticated account. In this case, it is recommended that you specify user credentials when publishing reports to another computer.

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