With Forefront TMG reporting, you can create a permanent record of common usage patterns, and you can summarize and analyze log information. For example, you can determine:

Report types and categories

There are two types of reports:

  • One-time reports. These ad hoc reports provide an immediate picture of the activity recorded by Forefront TMG over any period you specify.

  • Recurring report jobs. You can schedule automated reports on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. The time periods available for these reports are more structured than those of one-time reports; a report that is generated every day will show a day's activity, and a report that is generated once a month will show exactly a month's activity.

Reports contain activity from the previous day and earlier.

Forefront TMG provides predefined report categories and subcategories. These reports can be customized.

Reporting mechanism

Forefront TMG reports are based on log summaries derived from the Web Proxy and Firewall logs. Using SQL Server reporting services, Forefront TMG generates two types of log summaries, daily and monthly, which all reports are based on. Log summaries are generated at night (by default at 12:30am), however this time is configurable.

The following topics provide information that can help you configure reports:

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