Globally Unique Identifiers

Forefront TMG Management supports MMC-like extension snap-in. The following table lists the Forefront TMG Management snap-in nodes, their globally unique identifiers (GUIDs), and some properties of the FPCSnapinNode object for each node.

The Fpcnodesguids.h header file, which can be found in the Inc folder of the Forefront TMG SDK, defines symbolic names for the GUIDs. These symbolic names can be derived from the node names in the table by replacing each space by an underscore character (_) and adding the suffix _GUID for the symbolic name of the ANSI string-formatted GUID, or _GUIDW for the symbolic name of the wide-character string-formatted GUID.

For more information about creating MMC extension snap-ins for Forefront TMG Management, see Extending Forefront TMG Management.

Node GUID Property of FPCSnapinNode
ParentArray ParentPolicy CurrentObject
Root Scope 43E06AFC-729B-49AB-8BC2-33A9E35BB12D N/A N/A E_NOINTERFACE
Enterprise Scope A1BBE9DF-1CFB-47BE-926D-CD01AC2AAA38 N/A N/A E_NOINTERFACE
Enterprise Networks Scope 906D1867-DEFA-4054-8D79-619DF5560372 N/A N/A E_NOINTERFACE
Enterprise Networks Collection E86F00A6-7531-44CB-9F64-EE02C0BF3956 N/A N/A IFPCEnterpriseNetworks
Enterprise Network Item A656E5C7-0B13-462A-BA2C-9596B1247C56 N/A N/A IFPCEnterpriseNetwork
Enterprise Network Rules Collection 7C15872F-A738-4671-861A-30788C51A8B1 N/A N/A E_NOINTERFACE
Enterprise Address Translation Rule Item DF10C104-C050-4113-BDFA-6A05C56BD275 N/A N/A E_NOINTERFACE
Enterprise Policies Scope CFBE7274-55BC-488C-B6A8-3D92B262733F N/A N/A E_NOINTERFACE
Enterprise Policies Item 29161CAE-635F-488E-A7EF-916CAC6E068E N/A N/A IFPCPolicies
Enterprise Policy Scope BFFBAAE7-099C-443E-96BE-298B09CC9E25 N/A N/A E_NOINTERFACE
Enterprise Policy Rules before array policy 1EC6C41F-8B56-4219-9C00-7EFB1AD012DC N/A N/A E_NOINTERFACE
Enterprise Policy Rules placeholder for array rules 132A0521-58E1-4E00-A0AB-711763EB6D01 N/A N/A E_NOINTERFACE
Enterprise Policy Rules after array policy 6DFC8AF2-2B52-4F85-83C9-A65CA4B281E2 N/A N/A E_NOINTERFACE
Enterprise Policy Built in Rules E34DA3DD-D10D-4136-A1D9-FC1AC6038711 N/A N/A E_NOINTERFACE
Enterprise Policy Rule representing array rules placeholder 422CB8F3-0997-4244-BCBB-1FC3D14AAC3E NULL The containing enterprise policy IFPCPolicyRule
Enterprise Policy Rule E960FD40-27F3-44FF-B618-386B431A61ED NULL The containing enterprise policy IFPCPolicyRule
Enterprise Policy Default Rule 2E2CCE3C-C4AE-4923-867D-AD6AF822EDB2 NULL The containing enterprise policy IFPCPolicyRule
Enterprise AddIns Scope 9CBCBAB6-08B3-4010-8C86-E639F94C1975 N/A N/A E_NOINTERFACE
CEnterprise Application Filter Item 5B555711-E6C5-4B93-981F-2835979EC110 N/A N/A IFPCApplicationFilter
Enterprise Web Filter Item BF412308-9319-4F19-AB45-9B16F5A8333F N/A N/A IFPCWebFilter
Arrays Scope 69E98DAF-CCD8-4DA4-8FFD-864FD2A896EA N/A N/A E_NOINTERFACE
Array Scope 41223021-4684-4CF4-BD24-4AD71FFC4445 N/A N/A E_NOINTERFACE
Firewall Policy Scope CAB89263-C55E-4492-958B-C24723083320 N/A N/A E_NOINTERFACE
Policy Rules Collection System 9ABAD875-A653-4DC1-9997-8713A9DE01AD The containing array N/A IFPCSystemPolicyRules
Policy Rules Collection Array 904AF5AB-43A5-4D91-973F-EA36A801C2C6 The containing array N/A IFPCPolicyRules
Policy Rule Item 9F1DBD83-12D1-408C-BD4C-6A5EFE4866D1 The containing array NULL IFPCPolicyRule
VPN Site to site networks collection BD325A51-DB15-4730-A414-E0486350DCB8 N/A N/A E_NOINTERFACE
Configuration Scope 7A461DD2-311D-43F9-8686-E9CB4E230309 N/A N/A E_NOINTERFACE
Application Filter Item 4A5749E9-FC71-4BD9-9E44-F7F76D0BE1B8 The containing array N/A IFPCApplicationFilter
Web Filter Item 0828ADE3-80DD-49E1-A2B5-ECCE1174B349 The containing array N/A IFPCWebFilter
Servers Scope 884551A0-0D13-4B07-B988-9C4E91C30F3B N/A N/A E_NOINTERFACE
Server Item 3A9F32A5-2BDF-4C86-BCD3-B766ED0B8EBE The containing array N/A IFPCServer
Networks Scope 57E67A24-4EBC-4F39-B295-BB427CDB370B N/A N/A E_NOINTERFACE
Array Networks Collection 5782ABCD-18CD-43DC-B407-F4E739D1DABA The containing array N/A IFPCNetworks
Network Item 42AAB0B5-19B7-4229-AE54-2B479CE985F2 The containing array N/A IFPCNetwork
Array Network Rules Collection 34EA699F-BE78-486A-AA86-2911F8630B0F The containing array N/A IFPCNetworkRules
Address Translation Rule Item 92C518D8-776C-4379-B725-DFC5C7C067A3 The containing array N/A IFPCNetworkRule
Web Routing Rule Item 7E735B2B-2B2F-484E-B186-F13C8C60E8D6 The containing array N/A IFPCRoutingRule
Protocol Item C7B10495-1501-467F-9320-BB7322855259 The containing array N/A IFPCProtocolDefinition
User Set Item E0EB0239-C4B7-4500-A273-DCF7E708098D The containing array N/A IFPCUserSet
Content Type Item 69050B0D-45F4-4BE0-B924-8943B8C00C6A The containing array N/A IFPCContentTypeSet
Schedule Item 258D4A4B-F468-446C-A90A-2A0F854AE424 The containing array N/A IFPCSchedule
Network Set Item 078CE6B5-EEC0-4DA7-80F5-85DB0D5C4021 The containing array N/A IFPCNetworkSet
Computer Item 586B984B-C983-47D6-B77A-84CC58BC40D2 The containing array N/A IFPCComputer
Address Range Item C4D2C0A8-51BD-4E32-9CC6-18ECA6D3B66F The containing array N/A IFPCAddressRange
Subnet Item 817559CA-6DF6-4C43-A7A4-121650F0A6A3 The containing array N/A IFPCSubnet
Computer Set Item AE2F45D2-FA44-46CD-85DF-9B5E9BA1E8C7 The containing array N/A IFPCComputerSet
URL Set Item A2F94302-CF4D-4F3F-B2F6-3970E5D711FF The containing array N/A IFPCURLSet
Domain Name Set Item 7271654B-5017-4BC0-A577-182767B60E67 The containing array N/A IFPCDomainNameSet
Web Listener Item 12A7CCB5-2FAA-4BE7-B756-52626FFB7AD7 The containing array N/A IFPCWebListener
Server Farm Item 86797C7B-CF38-4D54-AAD8-B36B37B8F39C The containing array N/A FPCServerFarm
Cache Scope 16DCA601-E902-4655-8BCB-443B76696C01 N/A N/A E_NOINTERFACE
Cache Drive Item A122ABEC-4808-41BF-801E-710E2205475F The containing array N/A IFPCCacheDrive
Cache Rule Item BF5E43AA-D056-416B-98E0-CF088F3DBB2B The containing array N/A IFPCCacheRule
Scheduled Content Download Item 4C2B4D2C-E563-42DF-A1C2-F8ACA98A70C9 The containing array N/A IFPCScheduledContentDownloadConfig
General Scope B9FE792D-76C3-4AEA-847F-BA661AC28AD1 N/A N/A E_NOINTERFACE
Compression Rule Item 852B9298-6D5E-42EC-A52D-44728DD9EED7 N/A N/A E_NOINTERFACE
Monitoring Scope 1FC3773B-C941-450C-BA39-224904EFD093 N/A N/A E_NOINTERFACE
Dashboard Alerts Collection 69039453-E693-4058-8271-1F126C6E27A1 N/A N/A E_NOINTERFACE
Dashboard Signaled Alert Item DBB8D29F-C42F-46EA-B822-7C0FD38E3F52 N/A N/A E_NOINTERFACE
Dashboard Sessions Collection 42D4AF87-DC29-478B-9038-7CCE0835FB8B N/A N/A E_NOINTERFACE
Dashboard Session Item specific type 1A567C24-8038-4641-9797-686298FFEADE N/A N/A E_NOINTERFACE
Dashboard Session Item per server 7ACD4220-8DAB-4516-963D-D61596795BDD N/A N/A E_NOINTERFACE
Dashboard Perfmon Legend 844D2034-5C43-4BD3-9885-5ACCCB87CB2D N/A N/A E_NOINTERFACE
Dashboard Perfmon Legend Item 254076D6-DFCE-4C40-B194-BD2033821C72 N/A N/A E_NOINTERFACE
Dashboard Services Collection 5C4E04FA-247A-4668-992A-10060D1F5BE7 N/A N/A E_NOINTERFACE
Dashboard Service Item A0F0ADBF-4A08-4F68-82FD-E2C6F3DB86D6 N/A N/A E_NOINTERFACE
Services Collection A271438E-34C6-4EB6-AAF7-4F8FD2C74C95 N/A N/A E_NOINTERFACE
Service Item 1F4F4D72-A437-48ED-8752-C4887636A22D N/A N/A E_NOINTERFACE
Distribution Tab 22FC5422-67B6-431B-86F6-A4CAADA8CB52 N/A N/A E_NOINTERFACE
Distribution status Item C28C2823-275B-49F0-AD31-39B7555C586B N/A N/A E_NOINTERFACE
Sessions Collection 8427D867-2452-4B04-AFA2-B92508448553 The containing array N/A IFPCSessionsMonitor
Session Item AE05C0A9-5A8A-4369-9E43-FDBE82C79A55 The containing array N/A IFPCSessionsMonitorEntry
Log Entry Item 4F74641C-77C2-40B1-94D2-9AC8851B591E The containing array N/A IFPCLogEntry
Logging Collection FBDEC32D-461A-4575-9784-076F3C68EFD9 The containing array N/A IFPCLogContent
Alerts Collection B918D0BC-FD24-4456-824F-2F373DFBD919 The containing array N/A IFPCAlerts
Signaled Alert Item 7F3AD8C8-41E3-457F-87F6-C6EC763BEBF5 The containing array N/A IFPCSignaledAlert
Signaled Alert Instance Item 3626144A-2A79-4208-A34A-22B0D4F24F61 The containing array N/A IFPCSignaledAlertInstance
Ready Reports Collection 6B93E94B-48B0-4861-9D12-1B3798AE587D The containing array N/A IFPCReadyReports
Ready Report Tab Item 6203AFBC-5A1B-402C-BA04-FFDF8143C3EE The containing array N/A IFPCReadyReport
Ready Report Tab Item From Report Job E9E6DB37-4C9E-46B9-B3DF-74F7102E36EA N/A N/A E_NOINTERFACE
Dashboard Ready Report Item B4BBEB5D-EB3A-4424-A9C8-717A240AAEFF N/A N/A E_NOINTERFACE
Dashboard Reports Collection 2B080CE8-2F95-4A9B-9A61-EA0ED7EC43C8 N/A N/A E_NOINTERFACE
Connectivity Collection 005897FC-4F23-4EFA-807B-EE745B9AE6DD The containing array N/A IFPCConnectivityResults
Connectivity Item 3D2447C5-C3E8-4D9D-9F29-1B2EA7906586 The containing array N/A IFPCConnectivityResult
Connectivity Server Item 9A5065E5-3F57-4FD6-8005-72F3BF94D557 N/A N/A E_NOINTERFACE
Dashboard Connectivity Collection 8ECCDC5F-878A-466E-B260-8F3FB7C23D86 N/A N/A E_NOINTERFACE
Dashboard Connectivity Item 4709BA24-94AC-4634-8D3A-26D77B4C1AEE N/A N/A E_NOINTERFACE

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