Extending Forefront TMG Management

Forefront TMG Management is designed to be extensible. One way that you can extend Forefront TMG Management is to use Microsoft® Management Console (MMC) extension snap-ins. The Forefront TMG Management tree is itself an MMC snap-in.

This topic contains information specifically related to extending the Forefront TMG MMC snap-in. For general information about working with MMC, see Microsoft Management Console in MSDN.

Any Forefront TMG node can be extended with a snap-in.

What Can Extension Snap-ins Extend?

Extension snap-ins can extend the following:

There are several steps you need to take to create an extension snap-in.

To create an extension snap-in

  1. Define your schema in the FPCVendorParametersSet object.
  2. Write the code for the MMC snap-in.
  3. Store/retrieve the data in the FPCVendorParametersSet object retrieved by using the FPCSnapinNode.CurrentObject.VendorParametersSets property.

Each node of a Forefront TMG snap-in exposes its specific data to extension snap-ins by using the COM interface: IFPCSnapinNode. The interface contains five properties:

The IFPCSnapinNode interface can be retrieved by querying the IDataObject interface of the Forefront TMG node that you want to extend. The ParentArray property retrieves an FPCArray object as exposed through the Forefront TMG administration COM object model. Note that this property returns an error for the Root node of the Forefront TMG snap-in. The CurrentObject property is interface-specific to the node to be extended. The PluginPolicy property retrieves the plug-in policy for the node to be extended. See How to Create a Microsoft Management Console Snap-in for more details.

The Forefront TMG nodes that support MMC extensions and their GUIDs are listed in the Globally Unique Identifiers topic of the Reference section.

This section contains the following topics:

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