Forefront Unified Access Gateway (UAG) client components are installed on client endpoints to enable Forefront UAG features and functionality. Client components can be installed in online mode, using the custom installer, or using a download installation file. Topics in this section include:

  1. Preparing to deploy endpoint components online

  2. Installing endpoint components using the Client Components Installer

  3. Installing endpoint components using an installation file

  4. Configuring client endpoints to trust Forefront UAG sites—After deploying client components, client endpoints must be configured to trust Forefront UAG sites to which they connect.

  5. Restoring endpoint components default settings—Client endpoints connecting to Forefront UAG sites can reset their client component settings to default values. Users can check whether client components are installed by connecting to a portal and opening the System Information window.

  6. Preparing to uninstall endpoint components—Describes how to uninstall client endpoint components.