Microsoft SharePoint Products and Technologies is a rich server application for the enterprise, that facilitates collaboration, provides full content management features, implements business processes, and provides access to information that is essential to the organization’s goals and processes. It provides an integrated platform to plan, deploy, and manage intranet, extranet, and Internet applications, across and beyond the enterprise.

About this guide

This guide is intended for the system administrator who is responsible for publishing SharePoint Products and Technologies for use by remote extranet users.

The system administrator should be familiar with Forefront Unified Access Gateway (UAG) and with publishing applications and trunks on Forefront UAG. The system administrator should also have a good working knowledge of SharePoint Products and Technologies, and the possible deployment scenarios.

This guide contains the following topics:

  • Overview of SharePoint publishing—Provides an introduction to SharePoint Products and Technologies, and describes how you can publish SharePoint sites using Forefront UAG.

  • Why enable SharePoint extranet access with Forefront UAG?—Describes some of the benefits of using Forefront UAG to provide access to your SharePoint sites.

  • SharePoint publishing topologies—Describes the main topologies you can employ to publish SharePoint sites through Forefront UAG, including the steps you must do on both the Forefront UAG server and the server running SharePoint Products and Technologies, in order to publish Sharepoint applications in your network.

  • Verifying SharePoint publishing—Describes how to verify that you have successfully published your SharePoint sites through Forefront UAG.