Using Forefront Unified Access Gateway (UAG), you can publish internal applications and resources and allow remote users to access these resources from a diverse range of endpoints and locations. Forefront UAG can act as a consolidated gateway, providing access to multiple internal applications via a single portal, or to a single Web application. You can verify the identity of remote endpoints accessing published resources using identity and access control mechanisms, such as, endpoint access policies, user authentication, and authorization for access to portal applications.

For ease-of-management, scalability, and high availability, you can deploy a single Forefront UAG server, or gather a group of servers into a Forefront UAG array. This deployment guide walks you through the process of setting up an array, and load balancing traffic across array members.

About this guide

This Array deployment guide is intended for use by network and Forefront UAG administrators. It provides detailed guidance for deploying multiple Forefront UAG servers in an array configuration, and describes how to configure load balancing using Forefront UAG integrated network load balancing (NLB) between array members. The guide also includes instructions on how to configure a network load balanced array and an external load balanced array for Forefront UAG DirectAccess servers.

The following topics describe: