Rules setup

Managing users' network activities is based on a flexible set of rules. With the help of rules, UserGate administrator can restrict LAN users' access to the Internet, close access to certain web resources, set up individual hourly schedules for users' Internet access, perform a dynamic switch between the billing plans, keep track of the traffic consumed, etc. To create a new rule, select Rules in the UserGate Administrator setup menu. Pressing the Add button on the Control panel or selecting Add New Rule menu item in the pop-up window, launch the dialogue window for a new rule setup. The dialogue window contains several pages, which formulate the conditions of the rule. It is necessary to fill all the pages:
  1. The first page ( illustration) is for selecting the Object-Action pair (the method of combining the conditions) and an additional parameter (available for object Rate).
  2. On the second page ( illustration) you must specify the protocols to which the rule will apply. By default the rule is applied to all the listed protocols.
  3. On the thrid page ( illustration) you must set up the time interval when the rule will be active. Also, it is possible to set up special dates (Holidays) when the rule will not be active.
  4. On the fourth page ( illustration) you need to set up traffic restrictions, maximum size of downloadable files, minimum user account balance.
  5. The last page ( illustration) is for entering lists of source or destination IP addresses and lists of http URLs. Thus, it is possible to apply rules depending on the request source (local network computer) and destination address.

Progress indicator in the right upper corner of the window allows navigating between dialogue windows in random order.

After pressing the Ok button the rule will be applied to all groups. A rule can be applied to a single user.