UserGate Statistics module

UserGate user statistics is stored in log.mdb file, which is located in UserGate directory. This file contains information on connection parameters for all users: connection time, duration, costs, URLs visited, amount of traffic sent and received. It is impossible to cancel recording the information on user connections to the statistics file ( illustration).

For the proper recording of information to the statistics database, the path to log.mdb file in "System DSN" tab must be indicated ("Administrating panel" - section "ODBC sources" - "System DSN" tab) ( illustration).

To start UserGate statistics module, choose the Start UserGate Statistics option in the context menu of the system tray or click on the corresponding menu option in Start > Programs > UserGate 4. The information will be displayed after clicking on button Button on the tools panel.

Information could be filtered by users, protocols and time interval (filters are launched by button Button on the tools panel).

Statistics module allows reports to be exported to MS Excel (button Button on the tools panel).

NOTE: UserGate Proxy Server productivity depends on the statistics database size. It is recommended to clean the statistics database periodically. To delete records from log.mdb file use the button Button on the tools panel. All the entries older than the date indicated in the dialogue window will be deleted.