UserGate update and removal
Before you install a new UserGate version it is recommended to remove the earlier one and save the server settings file (config.cfg file, located in the UserGate directory; hereinafter %UserGate%) and the statistics file (log.mdb file, also in the %UserGate% directory).

UserGate Server v.5 supports the UserGate v.4 settings format. A settings format conversion will be done after the Server’s initial start. Format compatibility earlier than v.4 is not supported.
Removal of UserGate Server is accomplished by clicking on the removal item in the “Start – Programs” menu or by using “Add or Remove Programs” in Control Panel. After removal, some files remain in the UserGate directory, such as config.cfg (UserGate Server settings), log.mdb (UserGate statistics database) and some others. When you install a newer version, all your settings are still there.