Alerts tab

Option definitions

Select the components that you want to generate alerts and configure Alert Manager if it is installed.

See the Alert Manager 4.7.1 Product Guide for more information.

Option Definition
Settings for Select Workstation or Server from the drop-down list.
Note: This option is only available via ePolicy Orchestrator.
Components that generate alerts
  • On-Access Scan — Generate alerts when the on-access scanner detects threats.
  • On-Demand Scan and scheduled scans — Generate alerts when the on-demand scan tasks detect threats.
  • Email Scan — Generate alerts when the email scanner detects threats.
  • AutoUpdate — Generate alerts when update tasks detect threats.
  • Access Protection — Generate alerts when access protection detects threats.
Alert Manager options
  • Disable alerting — Do not generate alerts when detections occur.
  • Enable Centralized alerting — Use centralized alerting to notify you when detections occur.
  • Enable Alert Manager alerting — Use Alert Manager alerting to notify you when detections occur. Select this option and type the path to the location of the Alert Manager server that receives alerts.
    • Disable Active Directory Lookup — Do not use Active Directory Lookup.