Mirror tasks and how they work

The mirror task replicates the update files from the first accessible repository defined in the repository list, to a mirror site on your network. The most common use of this task is to mirror the contents of the McAfee download site to a local server.

The VirusScan Enterprise software relies on a directory structure to update itself. When mirroring a site, it is important to replicate the entire directory structure.
Note: This directory structure also supports previous versions of VirusScan and NetShield, as long as the entire directory structure is replicated in the same locations that VirusScan 4.5.1 used for updating.

After you replicate the McAfee site that contains the update files, computers on your network can download the files from the mirror site. This approach is practical because it allows you to update any computer on your network, whether or not it has Internet access; and efficient because your systems are communicating with a server that is probably closer than a McAfee Internet site, economizing access and download time.