Represents the AuthnStatement element specified in [Saml2Core, 2.7.2].

The following tables list the members exposed by the Saml2AuthenticationStatement type.

Public Constructors

  Name Description
Saml2AuthenticationStatement Overloaded.  

Public Properties

  Name Description
public property AuthenticationContext The context used by the authenticating authority up to and including the authentication event that yielded this statement. [Saml2Core, 2.7.2]
public property AuthenticationInstant Specifies the time at which the authentication took place. [Saml2Core, 2.7.2]
public property SessionIndex Specifies the index of a particular session between the principal identified by the subject and the authenticating authority. [Saml2Core, 2.7.2]
public property SessionNotOnOrAfter Specifies the time instant at which the session between the principal identified by the subject and the SAML authority issuing this statement must be considered ended. [Saml2Core, 2.7.2]
public property SubjectLocality Specifies the DNS domain name and IP address for the system from which the assertion subject was apparently authenticated. [Saml2Core, 2.7.2]

Public Methods (see also Protected Methods)

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Protected Methods

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