Represents the Conditions element specified in [Saml2Core, 2.5.1].

The following tables list the members exposed by the Saml2Conditions type.

Public Constructors

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Public Properties

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public property AudienceRestrictions Specifies that the assertion is addressed to a particular audience. [Saml2Core, 2.5.1]
public property NotBefore Specifies the earliest time instant at which the assertion is valid. [Saml2Core, 2.5.1]
public property NotOnOrAfter Specifies the time instant at which the assertion has expired. [Saml2Core, 2.5.1]
public property OneTimeUse Specifies that the assertion SHOULD be used immediately and MUST NOT be retained for future use. [Saml2Core, 2.5.1]
public property ProxyRestriction Specifies limitations that the asserting party imposes on relying parties that wish to subsequently act as asserting parties themselves and issue assertions of their own on the basis of the information contained in the original assertion. [Saml2Core, 2.5.1]

Public Methods (see also Protected Methods)

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Protected Methods

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