Carry out these steps if you are using Avira AntiVir Server for the first time:

1. Installation

Install the Avira AntiVir Server service on the servers that you want to protect against viruses and unwanted programs. Install AntiVir Server Console on at least one computer in your network.
see ch. Installation

2. Administration on AntiVir Server Console

Add server

Add all servers on AntiVir Server Console that you want to administer on AntiVir Server Console.
see ch. AntiVir Server Console

Carry out the following steps for every server added:


Configure the Avira AntiVir Server service on the server to be protected. Assign a password for the server on AntiVir Server Console.
see ch. Settings and Settings::General::Password

Carry out update and system scan

First carry out one update of AntiVir Server. For this create an update job in the Scheduler. Select "Immediately" as the start time. Carry out a complete system scan. For this create a scan job in the Scheduler. For the scan job, select "Local hard disks" as the profile and "Immediately" as the start time.
see ch. Scheduler

Define scans and update jobs

Define scans and update jobs. To configure scans of the Scanner , first create where appropriate .  user-defined profiles under Profile . In the next step you can create the scans and update jobs under Scheduler .
see ch. Profile and Scheduler