FAQs, Tips :: Windows Security Centre

- Windows XP Service Pack 2 or higher -


The Windows Security Center checks the status of a computer for important security aspects.

If a problem is detected with one of these important points (e.g. an outdated anti-virus program), the Security Center issues an alert and gives recommendations on how to protect your computer better.

The Windows Security Center and Avira AntiVir Premium

Virus protection software / Protection against malicious software

You may receive the following information from the Windows Security Center with regard to your virus protection.


Virus protection NOT FOUND

This information of the Windows Security Center appears when the Windows Security Center has not found any anti-virus software on your computer.

Install Avira AntiVir Premium on your computer to protect it against viruses and other unwanted programs!

Virus protection OUT OF DATE

If you have already installed Windows XP Service Pack 2 or Windows Vista and then install Avira AntiVir Premium or you install Windows XP Service Pack 2 or Windows Vista on a system on which Avira AntiVir Premium has already been installed, you receive the following message:

In order for the Windows Security Center to recognize Avira AntiVir Premium as up to date, an update must be carried out after installation. Update your system by carrying out an Avira AntiVir Premium update.

Virus protection ON

After installation of Avira AntiVir Premium and a subsequent update, you receive the following message:

Avira AntiVir Premium is now up to date and the AntiVir Guard is enabled.

Virus protection OFF

You receive the following message if you disable the AntiVir Guard or stop the Guard service.

You can enable or disable AntiVir Guard in the section Overview :: Enable / disable the status of Avira AntiVir Premium Control Center. You can also see that the AntiVir Guard is enabled if the red umbrella in your taskbar is open.

Virus protection NOT MONITORED

If you receive the following message from the Windows Security Center, you have decided that you want to monitor your anti-virus software yourself.

This function is not supported by Windows Vista.

The Windows Security Center is supported by Avira AntiVir Premium. You can enable this option at any time via the button "Recommendations...".

Even if you have installed Windows XP Service Pack 2 or Windows Vista, you still require a virus protection solution, e.g. Avira AntiVir Premium. Although Windows XP Service Pack 2 monitors your anti-virus software, it does not contain any anti-virus functions itself. Therefore you would not be protected against viruses and other malware without an additional anti-virus solution!