Spam settings

Spam settings


If you use IMAP/NNTP protocols, configure your e-mail client to download complete messages from the e-mail server at once – without previewing their headers. This is important for correct operation of the spam filter.


The following headers will be added to all scanned messages:

X-DrWeb-SpamState: Yes/No. Yes shows that the message is spam. No ­says that SpIDer Mail does not regard the message as spam.

X-DrWeb-SpamRate: n. n — a number in the range from -5000 to 5000; the threshold value is 100 (if n is above the threshold, the message is treated as spam, if n is below the threshold, the message is not spam).

X-DrWeb-SpamVersion: version. version – version of the Vade Retro spam filter’s library.

A selected  Add prefix to the subjects of the spam messages check box instructs SpIDer Mail to add a special prefix to the subjects of spam messages. This prefix can be specified in the field below. Using a prefix will allow you to create filter rules for spam in those mail clients (for example, MS Outlook Express), where it is not possible to enable filtering by headers.

A selected Allow Cyrillic text check box instructs the spam filter to analyze messages with Cyrillic encoding. If the check box is not selected, it is highly possible that messages with Cyrillic encoding will be regarded as spam.

The Allow Chinese/Japanese/Korean text check box functions the same as described above.

In the White list and Black list fields, white and black lists of senders’ addresses are specified. 

· If the sender’s address is on the white list, the message is not scanned for spam. But in case domain names of the recipient and the sender coincide, and this domain name is on the white list with the "*" symbol, the message and its content will be scanned for spam.
· If the sender’s address is on the black list, the message will be automatically regarded as spam.

Addresses must be divided by the ";" symbol. The "*" symbol can stand for a part of the address (for example, * denotes all addresses with the domain name).


If the spam filter wrongly regards certain messages as spam, you are advised to forward such messages to special e-mail addresses for analysis. It is designed to improve the spam filter's performance. Messages which are wrongly regarded as spam should be forwarded to, and unblocked spam messages should be forwarded to Forward the messages as attachments. Do not include them to the message body.


For more details on the options specified in this window click the corresponding area of the window in the picture.