There may be scenarios where a function should only execute if certain attributes exists and have data. This is typically seen in update scenarios where multiple functions are configured that updates different data structures but only one of these configured data structure has changed data. In such a scenario you may only want to execute the function that updates the changed structure. The ERP MA allows you configure this scenario by place a runtime conditional check on the function(s) that only need to execute when certain attributes have been changed or added.

Function Properties Wizard

  • Configure any dynamic or static data which must be passed to, or collected from parameters before or after execution. See How To Add or Edit Function Parameters.

  • Configure which parameter contains return & error information. See How To Add or Edit Function Parameters.

  • Add additional structures to parameters of type Table before execution. This is typical in cases where a function parameter contains header information as structures and must be populated before executing, i.e. BAPI_HRMASTER_SAVE_REPL. See How To Add or Edit Function Parameters.

  • Configure a condition that must be evaulated before the function will run. See How To Configure Error Handling.

  • Save the configured function to the local library of pre-configured functions. This library can be shared and re-used at a later time.