Actions and message

If the specified parameters for a rule are met, the action defined by the administrator is automatically performed. To configure actions, click Edit... in the Actions section. The action editor offers these options:


· E-mail – the program sends the notification text of the rule to the specified email address; in Subject you can specify the subject. Click To to open the address book.
· SNMP Trap – Generates and sends SNMP notification
· Execute (on server) - Enable this option and specify application to be run on the server
· Log To File – Generates log entries in the specified log file. The Verbosity of this log is configurable.
· Logging – Logs notifications to server logs; the Verbosity of notifications can be configured.


For this feature to work correctly, you must enable logging in the ERA Server (Tools > Server Options > Logging).


The notification format can be edited in the Message box in the bottom section of the Notification Manager main window. In the text you can use special variables %VARIABLE_NAME%. To view the list of available variables click Show me options.


· Rule_Name
· Rule_Description
· Priority – Notification rule priority
· Triggered – Date of the most recent notification sent (repeats excluded)
· Triggered_Last – Date of the most recent notification sent (repeats included)
· Client_Filter – Client filter parameters
· Client_Filter_Short – Client filter settings (in short form)
· Client_List – List of clients
· Parameters – Rule parameters
· Primary_Server_Name
· Server_Last_Updated – Last update of the serve
· Virus_Signature_DB_Version – Latest virus signature database version
· Last_Log_Date – Date of the last log
· Task_Result_List – List of finished tasks
· Log_Text_Truncated – Log text that activated the notification (truncated)
· License_Info_Merged – License information (summary)
· License_Info_Full – License information (full)
· License_Days_To_Expiry – Days left until expiration
· License_Expiration_Date – Nearest expiration date
· License_Clients_Left – Free slots in the current license for clients to connect to the server
· Actual_License_Count – Number of clients currently connected to the server