Using the summary mode

The summary chart shows a count by security level of the objects that are under the selected object in the summary branch. For example, if you select a policy, the summary chart displays a count by security level of the modules in that policy.

The summary chart appears in pie chart format by default. You can select the toolbar icon, click the chart or legend, and change the display to drill-down mode.

Figure: Phase 1 policy summary chart illustrates a summary chart. In this instance, the chart displays the results of a Phase 1 policy execution on an agent.

Figure: Phase 1 policy summary chart

Phase 1 policy summary chart

To view summary data

  1. On the console task bar, click View > Summary mode.

  2. Do the following to expand the tree and access the objects in the summary branch:

    • Click the nodes next to objects in the summary branch.

    • Click the chart or the chart legend.

In the summary mode, if you click the summary chart of an object, the drill-down chart for that object is displayed. This conversion does not change the mode that the ESM console is in. The ESM console continues to remain in the summary mode unless you select the drill-down mode from the View menu or the toolbar.

When you click the summary chart of an object that has a large number of sub-items, the following message is displayed:

Drill down chart of this object may take time. Do you want to continue?

Symantec Enterprise Security Manager does not display this message if the ESM console is already in the drill-down mode even if the object that you click has a large number of sub-items.

Symantec recommends that you keep the ESM console in the summary mode.

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