Using the trend mode

The trend chart portrays changes in a selected object's security level and score over time. You can view changes in security level and score on a daily or a weekly basis. An explanation of each follows:

The grid and chart depict the data starting with the most recently available policy run.

If the number of data points exceeds the available data, Symantec Enterprise Security Manager depicts what is available. Symantec ESM then repeats the oldest data point for each of the earlier periods.

Figure: Trend chart illustrates a trend chart. In this instance, the chart displays the results after a user enables the account lockout feature on the host computer.

Figure: Trend chart

Trend chart

To view trend data

  1. On the console task bar, click View > Trend mode.

  2. Click the node icons next to objects in the summary branch to expand the tree and access the wanted object in the summary branch.

To configure the number of trend data points

  1. On the console task bar, click View > Trend datapoints.

  2. Click Daily or Weekly to specify the data point interval.

  3. Type a number in the Number of datapoints text box, or use the up or down arrows to change the number of data points.

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