The Forefront Identity Manager Certificate Management (FIM CM) Provision API is an extensibility mechanism for FIM CM. You can use it to develop applications that must customize request processing workflows beyond what is available through policy configurations in FIM CM.

The FIM CM Provision API supports the following FIM CM policies:

The FIM CM Provision API provides a rich object model for working with request workflows and policies in FIM CM. This API is part of the larger set of extensibility mechanisms in FIM CM. These extensibility mechanisms include the following:

These extensibility mechanisms complement each other. When used together, they provide highly customized applications that use FIM CM as the basis for certificate and smart card management.

Applications that you develop with the FIM CM Provision API can customize specific workflow actions or override all of the user interaction with the FIM CM server. As a software developer, you determine what FIM CM functionality to customize based on your needs. You can use the FIM CM Provision API to build and deploy a custom request application quickly and easily, with minimal effort to integrate it with FIM CM.

Usage Scenarios

You can use the FIM CM Provision API to create various applications that address different customization scenarios. The following scenarios are examples of how you can use the FIM CM Provision API:

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