Microsoft Internet Security and Acceleration Server 2000

Applying Rules to User Accounts

A new user can be added to ISA through administration COM objects, as shown in the topic, Adding Internet Access for New Users. You can also apply rules to a new-user account by means of the objects. One way to control Internet access is with protocol rules. A protocol rule defines a set of protocols that are allowed to certain users at certain times. These times are defined by a schedule. Unlike site and content rules, protocol rules always define what is allowed rather than what is forbidden.

The following example adds a new user and applies the site and content rule "Workday Site Restriction" to the new ISA account.

Dim objFPC As New FPCLib.FPC
' get site and content rule
Dim MySiteAndContentRules As FPCSiteAndContentRules
Dim MySiteAndContentRule As FPCSiteAndContentRule
Set MySiteAndContentRules = objFPC.Arrays.GetContainingArray.ArrayPolicy.SiteAndContentRules
Set MySiteAndContentRule = MySiteAndContentRules.Item("Workday Site Restriction")
' add new user
Dim MyFPCFPCAccounts As FPCAccounts
Dim MyNewFPCAccount As FPCAccount
' AppliesToAccounts returns accounts collection for this rule
Set MyFPCAccounts = MySiteAndContentRule.AppliesToAccounts
MySiteAndContentRule.AppliesToMethod = fpcAppliesToUsers
' add new account to collection
Set MyNewFPCAccount = MyFPCAccounts.Add("REDMOND\USER", fpcInclude)
' added rule will apply to new user
' save your changes

The following code applies this site and content rule to the new account using the schedule "Extended Work Hours":

MySiteAndContentRule.SetSchedule "Extended Work Hours", fpcArrayScope
MySiteAndContentRule.Save  ' save your changes

See the topic Add a Schedule for an example of adding the schedule "Extended Work Hours".

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