Microsoft Internet Security and Acceleration Server 2000

Adding Internet Access for New Users

You can add new users to ISA by means of the FPCAccounts collection. Each group of FPCAccount objects holds a set of accounts that can be associated with a site and content rule or a protocol rule. The FPCSiteAndContentRule object represents a site and content rule, and the FPCProtocolRule object represents a protocol rule. You use protocol rules and site and content rules to restrict Internet access for a group of ISA accounts.

The following code adds a new ISA account that represents a new user:

' add new user account
Dim objFPC As New FPCLib.FPC
Dim MyFPCAccounts As FPCAccounts
Dim MyNewFPCAccount As FPCAccount
Set MyFPCAccounts = objFPC.Arrays.GetContainingArray.ArrayPolicy.SiteAndContentRules(1).AppliesToAccounts
' add new user account to collection
Set MyNewFPCAccount = MyFPCAccounts.Add("REDMOND\USER", fpcInclude)

An ISA user's Internet access is governed by protocol rules, site and content rules, and schedules. To enable the user to have appropriate levels of Internet access, appropriate rules must apply to this ISA account.

The topic Applying Rules to User Accounts expands on the preceding code example by adding a new user and applying appropriate rules to the new user. This topic also expands on the topics Configuring Schedules, Configuring Destination Sets, and Restricting Site Access.