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Using Operations

Operations is used to store status and view results of each run of a management agent. Every time you run a management agent, MIIS 2003 logs run data, which includes the time of the run, the run profile that was used, whether the run was successful, and synchronization statistics and errors. For reference information about status and error codes, see Management agent run error codes and Management agent run statistics.

Members of the MIISOperators security group must use Operations to run management agents and view results. MIISOperators members can only view information, run management agents, and save run histories to file. The user must also be a member of the MIISBrowse group to open links in the synchronization statistics. For more information about security groups, see Using security groups.


The following actions are available for each management agent run:


For each management agent, current statistics are listed for the number of objects, number and types of connectors and disconnectors, import and export statistics, and start and end time for the last run of the management agent. For more information, see View last run statistics for a management agent.