Remote administration

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Quite often there is a need for remote administration of the Local Area Network computer, for example from another office or from home. Remote administration can be set up easily in case the local network is available from outside. However, when working through a proxy server it is necessary to do some preliminary adjustments. In this section procedures for setting up the most popular remote administration programs ('Remote Desktop' and 'Radmin') are described.

Access setup for Remote Desktop Connection

Remote Desktop uses TCP port 3389. You can open the access to the Local Area Network computer using Port Mapping. Create a new port mapping rule with the following parameters ( illustration):

Access setup for Radmin

Use the settings similar to the ones described above: in the port mapping settings, Listen port field, enter any free port or the port used by Radmin by default - 4899 TCP. In the Destination port field enter the port used by Radmin (4899 TCP by default).

Traffic spent on remote administrating will be assigned to the user specified in the 'Assign mapped traffic to' field. Remote access could be limited by time and amount of traffic by an appropriate rule.