Internet access restrictions

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Closing access to all websites except specified ones

Let us consider the situation when it is necessary to open access to some websites (for example, www.google.com, www.yahoo.com) and close access to all the rest of the web resources.

To solve this problem we need to create a rule with the following parameters ( illustration):

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Closing access to certain websites

To ban users' access to certain websites it is necessary to create a rule following the procedure described above. However in this case on the 'Filters' page of the dialogue window in the 'URL list' field enter all the forbidden websites as URL entries ( illustration).

It is possible import the forbidden sites list from a text file with *.flt extension. The file must be a regular text file with the masks of the forbidden sites listed one in a line.

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Forbidding downloads of files with certain extensions

To ban downloading files with a certain extension, create a new rule with the following parameters ( illustration):

The rule described above forbids downloading of graphic files.

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Automatic closing of connection for users with zero balance

To automatically close connection for users who reached a zero balance on their accounts it is necessary to enable the 'Activate tracking' option on the 'Limits' page of the rule setup dialogue window ( illustration). This rule will be closing connections.

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