FAQs, Tips :: Troubleshooting

Here you will find information on causes and solutions of possible problems.

The error message The license file cannot be opened appears.

Reason: The file is encrypted.

The error message Connection failed while downloading the file ... appears when attempting to start an update.

Reason: Your Internet connection is inactive. This is why Avira AntiVir Premium cannot find the web server on the Internet.

Reason: The proxy server cannot be reached.

Reason: The update.exe file is not fully approved by your personal firewall.


Viruses and malware cannot be moved or deleted.

Reason: The file was loaded by windows and is active.

The status of the tray icon is disabled.

Reason: AntiVir Guard is deactivated.

Reason: AntiVir Guard is being blocked by a firewall.


The computer is extremely slow when I perform a data back-up.

Reason: During the back-up procedure, AntiVir Guard scans all files being used by the back-up procedure.

My firewall reports AntiVir Guardand AntiVir MailGuard immediately after activation.

Reason: Communication with AntiVir Guardand AntiVir MailGuardoccurs via the TCP/IP Internet protocol. A firewall monitors all connections via this protocol.

AntiVir MailGuard does not work

Please check correct functioning of AntiVir MailGuard with the aid of the following checklists if problems occur with AntiVir MailGuard.



We recommend regularly installing Microsoft updates to close any gaps in security.

An email sent via a TSL connection has been blocked by MailGuard.

Reason: Transport Layer Security (TLS: encryption protocol for data transfers on the internet) is not supported by MailGuard at this time. The following options are available for sending the email:

Webchat is not operational: Chat messages are not displayed; data are being loaded in the browser.

This phenomenon may occur during chats, which are based on the HTTP protocol with 'transfer-encoding= chunked’.

Reason: WebGuard checks the data sent completely for viruses and undesired programs first of all, before the data are loaded into the web browser. During a data transfer with ’transfer-encoding= chunked’, WebGuard cannot determine the message length or the data volume.