About enterprise license management

The Symantec Enterprise Licensing feature lets you obtain and distribute licenses for Enterprise Security Manager. Enterprise Licensing also lets you install and distribute licenses among the ESM managers.

The permanent licenses do not have an end date. The temporary licenses are not specific to a computer and have a start and an end date. You can install a temporary license only within the period of 365 days before its end date.

When you upgrade to ESM 9.0 manager, or assign a new enterprise license to a manager, Symantec ESM overwrites the old licenses with new licenses. Hence, before you upgrade to ESM 9.0, you must obtain new enterprise licenses. ESM 9.0 does not support the old ESM licenses.


You cannot install licenses for ESM 9.0 by using the set license command from the command-line interface. You must use the Enterprise Licensing feature to install new licenses.

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