Re-allocating enterprise licenses

You can revoke enterprise licenses from a manager and re-allocate the licenses to another manager.

To re-allocate licenses

  1. On the enterprise tree, right-click My ESM Enterprise and then click Enterprise License > License Management.

  2. Select a license from the Installed Enterprise Licenses list box and click Distribute.

    In the Distribute License dialog box, the Available Enterprise License details section displays the details of the license that you have selected.

    In the Select managers section, the Current Allocation text box displays the number of licenses that have been allocated to the selected manager.

  3. In the New Allocation text box, type the number of licenses and then click Add.

    The Selected Managers list box displays the following information:

    • Name of the selected manager.

    • System ID of the selected manager.

    • Number of the licenses that are currently allocated to the manager.

    • Number of the licenses that have been newly allocated.

  4. From the Select managers section, click another manager from the Manager drop-down list.

    The New Allocation text box displays the number of remaining licenses.

    For example, the total number of licenses available for Manager1 is 2000 and you allocate 1500 licenses. The number of licenses that are displayed in the New Allocation text box for Manager2 is 500.

  5. Click Add.

    You cannot delete a manager from the Selected managers list after you re-allocate the manager's licenses to another manager.

  6. Click Distribute and then click Close.

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