Distributing a license

You can distribute Symantec ESM licenses among ESM managers by using the Enterprise Licensing feature. You can assign licenses to an ESM 9.0 manager by using multiple consoles. If you assign a license to a manager from a console and then add a license from another console, the new license overwrites the existing license. However, the first console continues to display the previous license assignment for the specified manager.


You must have the Modify ESM option rights to distribute enterprise licenses.

To distribute a license

  1. On the enterprise tree, right-click My ESM Enterprise, and then click Enterprise License > License Management.

    In the License Management dialog box, the Installed Enterprise Licenses box displays the following:

    • Type of the installed license.

    • Number of agents that the license is applicable for.

    • Number of available units that can be distributed.

    • End date of the license, in case of a temporary license.

  2. The Enterprise License distribution per manager box displays the following:

    • Manager name.

    • Number of licenses that have been allocated to the manager.

    • System ID of the computer on which the ESM manager is installed.

  3. Select a license from the Installed Enterprise Licenses list box and click Distribute.

    In the Distribute License dialog box, the Available Enterprise License details section displays the following:


    Displays the type of the selected license.

    End Date

    The expiration date of the selected license, in case of a temporary license.

    The temporary licenses are not specific to a computer and have a start date and an end date. You can install a temporary license only within the period of 365 days before its end date.

    In case of a permanent license, the End Date text box is not displayed.

    Total Units

    Displays the total number of agents that the selected license is applicable for.

    Available Units

    Displays the available number of licensing units that can be assigned to ESM managers.

  4. In the Manager Selection section contains the following options:


    Displays the ESM managers that are connected to the console. Lets you select the manager that you want to allocate the enterprise license to.

    You can type the name of the manager if the manager is not connected to the console.

    System ID

    Displays the computer name on which the ESM manager is installed.

    Current Allocation

    Displays the number of licenses that are currently allocated to the manager from the selected enterprise license.

    When you distribute licenses for the first time, the Current Allocation text box appears blank.

    New Allocation

    Lets you type the number of licenses that you want to assign to the manager.

    The license count that you type cannot be more than the value that is displayed in the Available Units text box.

    User Name

    Lets you type the user name of the ESM manager that you want to assign the license to. If the manager is connected to a console, then the same credentials of the manager account are used for license management.


    Lets you type the password for the ESM manager that you want to assign the license to.


    Lets you type the port number of the Symantec ESM Manager services.

    The default value is 5600.

  5. Click Add.

    You can add multiple managers. To add another manager, repeat the steps 1-5.

    You can also delete a manager from the Selected Managers list box by pressing the Delete key in your keyboard.

    The Selected Managers list box displays the following information about the selected manager:

    • The manager name

    • The system ID

    • The number of licenses that are currently allocated

    • The number of new licenses that have been allocated

  6. Click Distribute.

    The Status panel displays the success or failure of license allocation.

See About enterprise license management.

See Installing a new license.

See Re-allocating enterprise licenses.

See Revoking enterprise licenses.