Revoking enterprise licenses

Enterprise License Management lets you revoke licenses from an ESM manager. When you revoke the licenses, the policy run fails on the agents that are registered to the manager until you allocate the new licenses. You must assign new licenses to the manager for a successful policy run. However, the agents that are already registered to the manager are not unregistered when you revoke a license from the manager. You cannot register new agents to a manager that does not have a valid license.

To revoke licenses

  1. On the enterprise tree, right-click My ESM Enterprise and then click Enterprise License > License Management.

  2. Select the license that you want to revoke from the Installed Enterprise Licenses list box and click Distribute.

    In the Distribute License dialog box, the Available Enterprise License details section displays the details of the license that you have selected.

    In the Manager Selection section, the Current Allocation text box displays the number of licenses that have been allocated to the selected manager.

  3. From the Manager drop-down list, select the manager from which you want to revoke the license.

  4. In the New Allocation text box, type a 0 (zero), and then click Add.

    The Selected Managers list box displays the following information:

    • Name of the selected manager.

    • System ID of the selected manager.

    • Number of the licenses that are currently allocated to the manager.

    • Number of the licenses that have been newly allocated.

    You can select a manager from the Selected Managers list and press Delete on your keyboard to delete the manager from the list.

  5. Click Distribute, and then click Close.

    The licenses that were previously allocated to the selected manager are now revoked.

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