Attached eTokens

The names of the eToken devices are displayed in the left pane. When you select an eToken, information about the eToken is displayed in the right pane. When you select an eToken, the name of the eToken reader is displayed in the tool-tip.

User Functions

The following user functions are available:

User Function


Right-Click Menu Item

Initialize eToken



User Logon to eToken

Log on


Import Certificate

Import Certificate


Change Password

Change Password


Rename eToken



Disconnect eToken Virtual

(eToken Virtual or eToken Rescue only)


Copy to Clipboard




Administrator Functions

Some functions are available only if an administrator password has been set for the eToken. The administrator icons are located on the right of the window, enclosed within a border:


Administrator Function


Right-Click Menu Item

Administrator Logon to eToken

Administrator Logon


Change Administrator Password

Change Administrator Password


Unlock eToken



Set User Password

(Is activated only when you have logged on to the eToken with an administrator password)

Set User Password


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