Microsoft Internet Security and Acceleration Server 2000


The IFWXNetworkSocket interface is the Firewall service socket interface, and is derived from the IFWXSocket interface. The implementation uses the dynamic packet filter functionality of ISA Server to automatically open a port in the packet filter when necessary, and close it when the socket is closed. For more information, see IP Packet Filtering.

Note  Before releasing this interface, you must call IFWXSocket::Close or IFWXSocket::Shutdown on it.

Methods in Vtable Order

IUnknown Methods Description
QueryInterface Returns pointers to supported interfaces.
AddRef Increments the reference count.
Release Decrements the reference count.

IFWXSocket Methods Description
Send Sends a buffer asynchronously.
SendTo Sends a buffer asynchronously to a specific address, on UDP sockets.
Recv Receives a buffer asynchronously.
Shutdown Shuts down the socket (half close).
Close Closes the socket.

IFWXNetworkSocket Methods Description
Connect Establishes a connection to a specified socket. This method is similar to the Windows Sockets (Winsock) connect function, described in MSDN.
Bind Associates a local address with a socket. This method is similar to the Winsock bind function, described in MSDN.
GetSockName Gets the local name of a socket. This method is similar to the Winsock getsockname function, described in MSDN.
GetPeerName Gets the remote name of a socket. This method is similar to the Winsock getpeername function, described in MSDN.
Listen Listens on a TCP socket.
GetSockOpt Gets a socket option. This method is similar to Winsock getsockopt function, described in MSDN.
SetSockOpt Sets a socket option. This method is similar to the Winsock setsockopt function, described in MSDN.
Accept Asynchronously permits a connection on a listening socket. This method is similar to the Winsock accept function, described in MSDN.
SetPacketFilterOptions Sets options for the dynamic packet filtering used with this socket.
GetIpFilter Gets a copy of the IP filter object for the socket.
SetIpFilter Sets the IP filter for the socket.


A socket object that implements this interface can be created by by using IFWXFirewall::CreateNetworkSocket or IFWXSession::CreateNetworkSocket. The nature of the socket is determined by which of these two methods was used to create the object. A socket created by using IFWXFirewall::CreateNetworkSocket is not user specific. An example of a socket that should not be user specific is a listening socket. To create a user-specific socket, use IFWXSession::CreateNetworkSocket. For more information, see Socket Implementation in ISA.


This interface is implemented by the Firewall service.


  Windows NT/2000: Requires Windows 2000.
  Version: Requires ISA Server 2000.
  Header: Wspfwext.idl.