Microsoft Identity Integration Server 2003 graphic

Best practices

Plan the migration from your test environment to your production environment.

Back up your initial test environment.

Back up your encryption keys.

Install Microsoft Identity Integration Server 2003 and SQL Server 2000 in the same domain.

Set access rights if SQL Server 2000 is installed on a remote server.

Specify the TCP/IP port for a remote server running SQL Server 2000.

Configure the Microsoft Identity Integration Server 2003 SQL Server 2000 database to use the Full recovery model.

Test your back up and restore procedures for Microsoft Identity Integration Server 2003.

Use Export Management Agent to backup management agents whenever you change management agent rules.

Populate the displayName attribute in the metaverse to make search results easier to identify.

Design your flow rules to act upon the state of an object.

Disable provisioning when you migrate connected data sources to the metaverse for the first time.

Stage objects to the connector space before applying changes to the metaverse.

Set a deletion threshold in your run profile steps to limit the number of accidental deletions.

Use Search Connector Space to examine objects.

Use Preview to test synchronizations and troubleshoot errors.

Schedule your management agents.

Schedule a recurring run profile using the Delta Synchronization step to process disconnectors automatically.

Save and clear the management agent run history in Operations regularly.

Use multiple partitions in a management agent to control synchronization of single object types.

Create alternate object types in the metaverse to avoid attribute precedence conflicts where connected data sources are using the same object types, and have both import and export attribute flow rules on the same attributes.