Browsers settings

When working through a caching proxy, it is necessary to enable proxy and specify the parameters. To configure Internet Explorer:
  1. Open the 'Internet Properties' ( illustration).
  2. Click on the 'LAN setting' button. 'LAN Settings' window will be displayed ( illustration).
  3. Check the 'use a proxy server' checkbox and click on the 'Advanced...' button. 'Proxy settings' window will be displayed ( illustration).
  4. Enter the IP of computer with UserGate installed into the fields for corresponding services. Enter port numbers, configured in your UserGate server configuration (8080 is default for HTTP, 1080 is default for socks). Click on the 'Ok' button in this and all subsequent windows to apply changes.

Local Area Network users can work on the Internet without specifying proxy parameters in LAN settings of the browser. For this, it is necessary to create a NAT rule for TCP port 80, which will forward requests from the internal network interface with UserGate to the external interface.

Important! In this case network resource caching and different Internet access restrictions (e.g. Internet content filtering) are not available.